No. 11


We are the miracle of force and matter making itself over into imagination and will. Incredible. The Life Force experimenting with forms. You for one. Me for another. The Universe has shouted itself alive. We are one of the shouts. -- Ray Bradbury

 Jake P. Longstreth @JPL_Productions

Jake P. Longstreth @JPL_Productions

My friend told me to write about this, so I am. I love my friends. Thank you for your support. 

I’ve been writing screenplays for about six years, and I’ve never been able to tell the truth. I’ve always hidden behind some magical escapism in a world that has a wild rhythm, crazy characters, and an insanely twisted plot line that dips in and out of what’s realistically possible. But as I meditate every single day now, I can see clearly that my next challenge as a writer / life coach is to tell the truth.

The truth. It is immensely powerful, and can only be told well from being grounded. I’ve finally tailored my own grounding practice, and it makes all the difference to be able to launch into a flow-state at any given moment with a touch of a finger. When you’re in a flow-state things … are gracefully fluid. Your thoughts are lucid. You elevate to a higher state of consciousness. There are seven levels of consciousness, and I’ve been studying them all week. It’s fascinating. Anyways, what happened to me yesterday was ... fascinating

FIRST, let's talk about science for just a moment. 

There’s this thing called UNFIED FIELD THEORY, that was created by this guy named Albert Einstein. I studied this in my program, MentorPath designed by Dr. David Krueger. And essentially, UFT is an attempt to describe fundamental forces (strong, electromagnetic, weak and gravity) and how the universe behaves under the action of the fields that mediate interactions between separate objects. The Law of Attraction stems from both this theory, as well as neuroscience. My teacher, Dr. Krueger, explains below: 

“The Law of Attraction is based in neuroscience. Your mind is an energy feld and it responds to focus. Where you focus your attention creates brain connections. Quantum physics tells us that each of us generates energetic frequencies, or vibrations. We project energy in our emotions and thoughts that are the source of what and whom we attract, as well as the basis of our sense of well-being.

If you lay a nail and a paper clip side by side, nothing happens. When you take a magnet and stroke the nail several times from head to point, the nail itself becomes a magnet; it can then pick up the paper clip. Why? The molecules of the nail are aligned in the same direction, creating a magnetic feld. When all of you is going in the same direction—and focused—you have power.

The secret, rather than being about wishing for something and getting it, is about understanding and refocusing personal energy."

SIDE NOTE: This is what I do. I help unblock my clients' negative thought patterns, and clear their unhealthy feeling habits to make way for energetic expansion in their lives. I practice this every day and I'm getting better and better at it.

Focused back to yesterday morning. I woke up and couldn't get the Unified Field Theory out of my head (nerd), so I decided to set a clear intention of practicing it throughout my day. I meditated, and in my mediation I saw a friend of mine. We’ll call this friend Rachel.

Rachel and I are very in-tune energetically. She’s a theatrical agent at a big agency in Hollywood.  The first time she reached out to me was a few months after she’d seen me work. I was on top of a hill in Los Feliz meditating on letting go of acting. I was visualizing what it meant to fully let go of it (this thing I love so much) as a full-time profession, because it wasn’t giving me what I needed to grow at that time in my life. The second I came out of my meditation Rachel pinged me. She said, "I can’t get you out of my head. Are you available for a meeting next week, etc." We’ve stayed connected ever since.

{BACKSTORY: I took a year away from acting; I totally disconnected from it.  I went back to school and decided to make a big career shift.  But now that I'm on the other side of that transformation, there’s been something shifting in me again, asking me to not neglect my inner actress -- she worked hard for ten years to master the craft that’s made me who I am.  And the side effects of me realigning to my inner-actress has been very strange. I’ve had strangers stop me and ask me if I’m in a film they’ve seen,  I’ve had close friends and family bring it up, and I’ve had new acquaintances reminding me of that side of myself in very organic ways. So, with all that being said, acting has been on my mind heavily lately -- but not in a heavy way, in the lightest way I've ever experienced it so far. And it’s really beautiful to see it in a new light — a light of “Oh, I love this shit so much none of the bullshit I allowed to build on top of it matters or exists in this new space.”}

So, I see Rachel in my mediation and I message her. I’ll write this out in a screenplay for your visual pleasure. 

Alli texts Rachel.


Hey babe! When you come home to walk Jessie (her dog) hit me up. I want to give you your birthday gift today. It's a month late and that's not cute.


I’m so sick ;( At home with the flu. 


I’m so sorry! Let me know if you need anything! 


Alli exits a commercial casting studio near her home. She’s walking down the sidewalk, talking on the phone with her cousin, Lauren. She starts walking towards Ralph’s grocery store. She enters Ralph’s, still talking. Everyone around her stares because she's talking too loud about very weird things.

Suddenly, she freezes in front of the pears.


Wait. Why did I come in here? HAHA I don't know what I'm doing. I just walked into Ralph's and have no idea why...Do I need sushi? 

Rachel appears before her. She's so cute and so sick. Alli hangs up the phone abruptly. She and Rachel Embrace.

Alli and Rachel link arms and spend the next half hour collecting healthy foods for Rachel’s sickly needs, talking about work and life -- a cosmic moment of crazy timing for both of them.

They walk down the street, still arm in arm as Rachel is dizzy and weak. They arrive to Rachel's house. Alli unpacks Rachel's groceries as Rachel sits down on the kitchen floor. Alli hands her a strange color liquid.  


Keep chugging Pedialyte. I'll be right back. 


Alli walks into her apartment, she grabs Rachel's birthday gift, a book.  She smiles to herself.


Alli walks back into Rachel's apartment, gift in hand. 

Rachel opens it and reads the note on the inside of the cover. She looks up at Alli. They both get a little emotional. What they had just been talking about over their surprise lunch date has suddenly materialized and manifested into the message through this exchange of this book.    

Understanding and refocusing personal energy. There’s a mental act of attention that activates and holds in place brain circuitry (it starts to rewire) as the power of your focus selects the frequency (the channel) of your thoughts, the source of what we attract. Focusing on problems is the most common addiction. There’s a catharsis in telling an old tale, but it doesn’t last long. Just like the molecules realigning themselves on the nail, you become aligned with the polarity of what you focus on. When all of you is going in the same direction you have power. It won’t make cherries magically appear before you, but it will give you the energy to sustain the proceeds to create it. 

You don’t get what you want. You get what you focus on. Subconscious doesn’t register positive or negative, just focus. Unconscious mind doesn’t argue with you, but acts upon what you decree.  Which brings us back to Unified Field Theory one last time. The human mind and body are bundles of energy -- resonate space of energy bundles -- reacting to each other.  We get what we want when we shift to positive / solution based thinking (positive psychology), and then we become aligned to create that. The result is a strategic, goal-oriented mentality that connects us to our souls, our home frequencies, ourselves; being able to live in the flow freely and joyfully. 

ASK. BELIEVE. CREATE. Homework: Write down three things that put you in a positive state. Focus on those three things. Honor them.  New things can't come in until you fully appreciate what you've already been given. 


Thank you! Namaste. 

xx,Alli Caudle 

@allicaudle #fridaysloveletters

 Jake P. Longstreth @JPL_Productions

Jake P. Longstreth @JPL_Productions





No. 10



WOW. I love this question. I love the timing of this question. The universe is absolutely amazing.

“Have you found it to be difficult, or fairly easy to stay friends with your ex? And are you able to still be friends while dating other people, without getting jealous, or wanting to get back together?” 

I’m going to dive into this. Here we go. 

Boyfriends. I don’t have one at the moment. I have about half a dozen ex-boyfriends (I’m just rounding — who knows if it’s up or down). And I have a very different way of looking at my past loves today then I did before my life coaching program.

Okay, so, boys. Umm… I think boys are awesome. I grew up (still am) very close to my dad and brother, and all 25 of my brother’s best friends that practically lived at our house. They’re a completely different species from us. We are two totally different animals designed oppositely, biologically speaking. Yin and Yang. Men and women are thought of as being whole when put together, but whenever two individual organisms merge into one there is a complicated combination that occurs. 

Relationships. Are. Complicated. My best friend is a sex and relationship coach (Whitney Ullom, plugging you again!). To me this shit is the most fascinating of topics. Whitney and I actually spent three hours talking about relationships over lunch yesterday, and we were just hitting the tip of the iceberg. 

Like I said, I’m single at the moment, so I am thrilled to talk about this subject today, since I don’t feel like it’s so easy to do when you’re in a partnership. Interesting fact. Take note; for me at least. 

Protection. Relationships are so beautiful and they are a sense of protection. They’re glorious. Ugh, like, please tell me what’s better than falling in love?! NOTHING. You can’t say, “Better Than Sex Cake,” that’s not cool. It’s that energy! And the energy gets even crazier when you’re apart {INSERT YOUR VISUAL HERE}. The mystery of chemistry transmutes into magic as you’re pining vibrations inspire creativity, and all of your senses go into hyperdrive; it creates a space of presence that's a superpower, because you’re senses are heightened in attracting a new partner. We’re animals, it's nature. But as you get comfortable under the willow tree together, the tornado touches down asking you to go deep, deep, deep into yourself. Some of us aren’t willing to go there. And that’s okay. You must be whole when you come into a holy union, or else the tornado will take you down. I'll go deeper into that in a moment... 

My friend, coming back to answer your question now. I find it very difficult to stay friends with my ex-men, but the friendship will always be there. It’ll always be easy in some respect, because we know each other, we shaped each other. Here’s a quote that kills me a little bit in a good way. 

“How do you go back to being strangers after someone has seen your soul; but isn’t it funny that the only person who could feel an ocean away is someone who was close enough once to feel your breath.” — Kendall Hanna

I texted an ex’s mom on Mother’s Day last weekend. I guess it’s obvious that he and I are still friends if I voluntarily texted his mother that she’s awesome and did a great job. Another ex is the kind of person I can meet up with for coffee (once a year) and fully enjoy myself over a cappuccino, feeling very grounded after. Grounded in gratitude. Grounded in gratitude for being my best friend for a really long time. A lot of other ex-men I smile back on fondly. We taught each other massive amounts of soul-growth lessons that we either won or failed, but losing those games resulted in a consolation prize that has proven to be highly valuable in my retrospective rearview. Sunsests. Thank you for loving me. 

Which brings me to this... it could go either way. Seriously, I could JUST AS EASILY choose something else. Some other emotion, thought pattern, behavior, reality. I could make it really hard. But I don’t. I choose to think of it as easy. I want to respect and honor those wonderful souls I was drawn to, labeling them as friends instead of foes. I want all the best for you, men. Thank you. Namaste. 

BUT. I can’t be friends with them in the form of: hanging out in all our free time, calling him the second I’m insecure, or triggered by an upset. NO. I’m working on cultivating the friendship from a distance. Distance and space are vital for healing those hearts that got interconnected. You must become whole again. Healing takes time. Healing, to me, is loving oneself through the integration of polarities in our personalities; being able to give yourself everything you need — I saw that on a t-shirt at the airport last weekend. I highfived the qt wearing it. 

And to answer the last part of your question more specifically, “Can you stay friends without getting jealous, or wanting to get back together?” 

That’s what I’m talking about. You have to have space when you’re apart. You know what I mean? I think, once enough time and space has passed, and you're feeling protected in your own self-loving, then you can absolutely be friends. Get a beer once a month, touch base, send them a song, whatever. But you must first honor the distance.

Also, it's vital to set BOUNDARIES! You must know what’s healthy, and what’s not; what’s appropriate and what’s not. Know when you’re reaching out to fill a void in yourself, and when you’re reaching out to say hey, “I’m thankful I know you. This reminded me of you. Good times. Good life. Good luck.” 

If you aren’t together, then you broke up for a reason. There's a side of yourself that's begging to be seen, and healed, so it can be whole. Because when you’re whole, holy shit it’s so fucking great. Then true love can come, the kind that enhances you versus creating a codependency.  Codependency creates a cycle of a cyclone in the mind. It's not good.

Just say to yourself, and your ex-man, no hard feelings it didn’t work out. I’ll be on the lookout to have your back for the rest of time. Remember the fun times. The good times. Please only see the silver linings that came from it all. Now let go. Time to put your hand on your heart and ask how you can give to it. Keep moving forward. Blessings will flow. 



Alli Caudle 

Life Coach II Los Angeles, CA