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Kundalini Awakening

“I am convinced that in spite of the appalling negativity in the world, the experience of transparency or spiritual clarity will become common; more people moving through the transformation process will make it easier and easier for everyone. Living in and resting in your home frequency may sound like a shallow thing, but the experience of actually changing your frequency to this unifying tone is all-powerful, and it can transport you into the state of heaven on Earth." — Penny Pierce 

 Brianna Baggett Photo 

Brianna Baggett Photo 


The question that peaked my interest as I started writing this last night was, "What the f*** is a Kundalini awakening?!" YES! This thrills me.

I was first introduced to Kundalini as a form of yoga many years ago, and I've now studied with various teachers on both coasts. I've read about it, researched it, and learned of its power in the body (physically and metaphysically) from shamans, energy healers, yogis, and Reiki masters. 

So, this is my take on Kundalini. 

Venom can also be healing. - Nicolas Cage

In the concept of Dharma (the order that makes life in the universe possible), Kundalini is a form of primal energy represented by a female, coiled serpent located at the base of the spine (wrapped around our coccyx), which resides in a slumbering state until aroused. Once summoned, the energy flows upwards through the seven energy centers of the body. It’s fire, literally, and it aligns us with our soul's truth, our highest values, and our senses. 

Once awakened, the psychology and personality of the practitioner is fundamentally transformed.


Properly practiced Kundalini balances our masculine and feminine energies, uniting our polarities. When we unite yin and yang energies, we can attain the highest levels of awareness; because we are finding a unified way to view ourselves and all people no matter what their sex.  But with all the benefits to awakening your Kundalini there are challenges, as well. This journey is not to be taken lightly. 

“The great Buddhist teacher Dogen said, “Do not think you will necessarily be aware of your own enlightenment.” Perhaps that’s because the enlightened state isn’t considered to be an endpoint, but an ongoing path where the goal recedes and expands as you approach it. - Penny Pierce

I experienced my Kundalini awakening during an intentional meditation with a trusted guide in the fall of 2016. It was insane. When we came out of the mediation, I was crying over the powerful visual images that had flashed before me in a perfect story-telling sequence. I felt the physical changes in my body almost immediately: seeing colors more vividly, hearing things more acutely, and tuning into my intuition like I had never been able to before. 

Three weeks later, my life was completely different. I don’t want to get into the details, but imagine the scene in INCEPTION when Paris flips upside down. YEAH. It’s been a wild ride ever since. You feel energy; you see energy; you become attuned to yourself and the universe. And it will be incredibly difficult to deny your truth moving forward. You can try to deny it, and you will by creating your own obstacles, but ultimately the powerful flow of energy is going be undulating upward with or without you now. And it's always better to go with with the flow. 

Anytime we attempt to awaken something dormit within ourselves, there's going to be a spiritually enlightening moment to follow. You'll realize yourself, but that doesn't mean that anything is solved. I have to work harder than ever to stay on the ground now, but moving forward everything has gotten: better, simpler, lighter, clearer, more fun...a lucid, creative, faithful flow of an organic unfolding. 

And that’s life, and life force. Kundalini. Build up the heat inside you, and wake up. Be true to your heart, tune into your home frequency, and keep on moving forward. You’ve got this. It should be fun! 

How might you change when you get used to living in your body at its highest frequency?

xx, Alli Caudle

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