No. 12

Riding the Waves

This is coming to you hot off the Pacific ocean dust in LA today. How do we ride the waves?

 Photography by JPL Productions

Photography by JPL Productions

The highs and lows, the ups and downs, the twist and turns. How do we stay in control while also throwing our hands off the wheel to allow the universe to surprise us with its magical serendipity, that we could never imagine with our silly human brains alone. Well, I don’t ride 10 foot waves in the ocean, but I feel them metaphysically all of the time, and here’s how I stand up on the board and allow it all to become a fun sport in universal alignment. 

Everything in my life is changing, ebbing, flowing at the moment, and yours is, too. There's not a single thing that's standing still. I prefer it that way -- I’m a hummingbird -- but it can be a lot. I feel that when you finally tune into your home frequency, and really learn how to live there, then suddenly you attract: people, moments, projects, etc., that reflect the same energy frequency you omit. So, I spent the last month fully focused on self-love, focusing on giving everything I need to myself. If you don’t do that, you’ll attract co-dependencies; put that shit in tha recycling. 

When you fully tune into your home frequency, your energy gets into alignment. Things start to happen and flow with ease. It makes things more fun — WAY MORE FUN.  You realize life doesn’t have to be so hard. When hard stuff happens, you’re able to stay free as a bird. 

Spirit animal of this Friday’s Love Letter, the canary. 
“Just like its name (songbird), the canary totem teaches the power of one’s voice. On contrary to this, if the canary is shown in a cage, it represents signs of sorrow, unhappiness and entrapment. As the canary is interpreted as happiness and joy, it gives you patience to enlighten yourself as well as others.” 

Ultimately, we’ll have to feel and process the things that cause us trauma, but if you follow this guideline then you’ll be able to make it through the stressful moment smooth and easy until you can get home, take a hot shower, and cry it out; or maybe journal about it over a glass of pinot gris and a hot, noodle soup in the corner of a zen ass Thai spot on Fairfax. 


I woke up Wednesday morning to my car missing. It had been towed away from my friend’s house in Marina del Rey. That wasn’t the most ideal way to begin the morning. I had a lot of plans that day, and the thought of dropping $400 on a tow situation is the opposite of exciting. 

I practiced a breathing exercise I learned from Davidji in his book, SECRETS OF MEDITATION. The exercise is called 16 Seconds to Clarity. I did this breathing exercise three times right there on the street. I was able to slow down my emotional fight-or-flight response called the reactive, or ego response (fight-or-flight is flesh threatening, and the reactive ego response kicks in when ego is challenged). 

“Fortunately, meditation offers a tool that helps reverse the impact that fight-or-flight and ego responses have on our minds and bodies. Meditation can unravel the cellular damage that stress has caused and alter our DNA hardwiring of the fight-or-flight response. Just a few years ago, a group of scientist - Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W. Greider, and Jack W. Szostak - discovered that our chromosomes are protected by long, threadlike DNA molecules called telomeres, which carry our genes from one cell to the next. Their research also revealed the existence of an enzyme called telomerase, which lubricates and lengthens our telomeres. They won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering that the length of each telomere and the amount of telomerase covering each one determines the very health of our cells as they are created. As lower levels of stress hormones are introduced into our system through daily mediation practice, damaged telomeres mend, and our immune function rises. Emotionally, we start to respond more intuitively and less reactively. In time, we will be moved from an existence of conditioned, limiting beliefs to a more unconditioned life of infinite possibilities.” — Davidji (Secrets of Mediation) 

In just a few moments, I was able to stop releasing stress hormones and chemicals in my brain by focusing on my breathing. I beat it to the punch. Then I was able to think clearly to myself: Okay, it is what it is. There is nothing I can do to change the situation now. I might as well take a little stroll to the sand, and figure it all out on my iphone with a cup of tea. Friend pulled through and helped me find my car. I arrived to the tow yard with pleasant, chill energy after having a lovely morning on the beach -- I wasn't going to let this event steal my day away from me completely. Pablo, the man at the desk helping me, knocked $100 of my towing bill, because I brought positive vibes into a space that's usually filled with heated negativity. Cool! Meditation my friends. Namaste. 

SIDE NOTE: When women are in sync with the moon it can make it so much more difficult to stay balanced. You have to work extra hard, but the good news is, your creative energy is extra amplified. My recommendation is to avoid alcohol on those days, do a lot of things that ground you (I'll literally mush my foot into the ground as hard as I can), and be reflective / in-tune / and detached at the same time. I mean ... I'll write like six pages of subconscious flow by hand in candle light, knowing that it's just my thoughts and feelings, and they're passing as quickly as my hand is moving across the paper. But then something cool will pop up from the process that'll inform my screenplay, or something, some good gem of clarity always comes from that type of release. P.S. A lot of art-therapists I know say it's their #1 ritual to get clear for the creative process. 

Ride the waves. The highs and lows, and lulls in between. That might be the hardest part of surfing the metaphysical reality of our existence. The lulls. LOL. Watch it all dissolve around you. Put a smile on your face and feel it in your toes. Seriously, let your toes feel a smile. Then keep on spreading love, because the vibrations of love exist at 528 Hz (528 Hz – The Love Frequency. According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.), and that’s as high as we get, y'all. 





 Photography by JPL Productions 

Photography by JPL Productions