• Alli received a dual degree from Texas Tech University in Public Relations (BA) and Spanish Language (BA). She also received 18-accredited-hours in Spanish Liberal Arts via CIEE Study Abroad Program at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. Following graduation from TTU, she moved to New York City to work for Christian Dior's in-house PR team, Creative Media Marketing, and BULLETT Magazine before she attended the Michael Howard Studios Professional Acting Conservatory (One-Year) in NYC. Alli completed the MentorPath New Life Story Coaching (R) program in February 2018 designed by Dr. David Krueger, receiving a specialty-certification license in neuroscience, psychology and quantum physics. Alli's also an actress (SAG / Fi-Core), writer, yogi, designer, stylist and Reiki Level One certified practitioner, living in Los Angeles, CA. 

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NAME: A.S.          CITY: Los Angeles, CA          AGE: 32          PROFESSION: Writer, Actor, Server 

  • I’ve only been working with Alli for about a month, but I already feel the difference she’s made in my life. We started out going over everything, I mean everything, that I want to work on in my life. The experience of writing it all down and talking about it during our first couple sessions was a huge help and a great start. Alli helped me define and label the issues in my life that are holding me back so that I can break them down and make an actual plan to combat some of them. She has a calming, non-judgmental approach to talking about problems that made me feel immediately at ease. As soon as we started the second session, Alli had a plan. Each session since has been focused and with a direction. Rather than worry about everything that’s holding me back all at once, which inevitably leads to feeling overwhelmed, she has helped me come up with manageable goals like, "this week I will go swimming at least 2 times.” And I’ve been doing that ever since! Starting small has allowed me to feel the pride of accomplishment. This has allowed us to get into deeper issues just in the first few sessions. Most importantly for me has been accountability. Alli has been available during the week, outside of our sessions, to encourage me in my path. To share my wins with someone is a huge help towards making better decisions more often. Recently she’s helped me let go of some of the major blocks from my past that hold me back. She’s encouraged me to write a letter to myself, forgiving myself for past mistakes or things I haven’t fully let go of. Doing this allowed me to stop dwelling on past failures and focus on what I have now and what’s ahead. I’m excited to continue working with Alli. Finally, I’m beginning to live up to my potential and be the person I know I can be. I would never be on this path if it weren’t for the work we’ve done together. 

MentorPath II ROADMAP System(R) II New Life Story II Dr. David Krueger -- Houston, TX -- Los Angeles, CA

Neuroscience + Psychology + Quantum Physics II Certified Life Coach, Wellness Mindset Mentor + Neuroscientist (ICF, NLS, MENTORPATH). "The Art and Neuroscience of Change, Reinvention and Success."

Specialty-Certification Licenses are granted after training with David Krueger, MD is completed. Alli completed the program in February 2018.


Texas Tech University II Lubbock, TX

Double Major: BA Public Relations, School of Mass Communications II BA Spanish Language + Liberal Arts.


Michael Howard Studios II New York, NY

Professional Acting Conservatory for Theater + Film + Television.


Universitat Pompeu Fabra -- Barcelona, Spain

CIEE Spanish Liberal Arts, Study-Abroad Program. 


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